September is National Sketch Writing Month

This is the website for National Sketch Writing Month. We have unilaterally declared September to be the month when comedy writers attempt to write 30 sketches in 30 days, as a way to motivate ourselves and get into the habit of writing.

National Sketch Writing Month, or NaSkeWriMo for short, came about because of a message board discussion about finding the motivation to write. We decided to borrow the idea behind National Novel Writing Month and declare September to be a month for writing 30 sketches in 30 days. This website was set up for keeping track of your sketch count, to foster community and create a forum in which to brag.

NaSkeWriMo is organized by a group of volunteers. If you'd like to join us, you can subscribe to the NaSkeWriMo Organization Google Group. We're always in need of bright people to update the blog, plan the end-of-month events, maintain the website, and design fundraising merchandise.